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          1. Wireframing

            The art of wireframing site prototypes.

            Wireframing is the process by which we visualize your concept. This process allows you to review your site layout, where content and visual images will appear, all prior to selecting design elements such as color palette, images, and typography. Our wireframing design team will craft a design in grayscale for your review as part of the website creation process.

            At SPINX, our wireframe team brings your concept to life in a first incarnation. This allows us to set up the entire site correctly, and eliminate any potential user issues early in the game, saving you time and money.

            Wireframe Banner

            It’s all about that user experience

            Our wireframing process is geared to remove distractions, such as color, type and images, and focus on the essential points of usability and function. Using the sitemap, the basic plan for your website will be presented in a simplistic manner to clarify and clean up functionality.

            • Structural representation Icon

              A Structural representation of your site in its early stages

              Sitemaps expose the arrangement of the various resources on your site, and the wireframe provides a high-level concept of exactly how it will function. We develop a wireframe to bring your site into reality, giving you an in-depth concept of each design element and how users will interact with these elements.

            • Function over form Icon

              Function over form

              To be an effective marketing tool, a website needs to be exceptionally “usable” and meet the expectations of your target market. The wireframing process allows our team to identify any areas that need to be tweaked for better performance – early in the game.

            • Elevating Usability Icon

              Elevating usability

              Our wireframing process is focused on user interactions and how to bring about the most positive user experience before we even approach issues such as color palette and images. Planning your site for ultimate usability means better performance, higher user engagement, and conversions.

            • Long terms aving Icon

              Long-term savings

              We make sure usability issues are worked out prior to the design phase – saving you both time and money. Let’s get the bugs out before we design, and make your site the high functioning, streamlined product that your target audience expects.

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            Wireframing IN ACTION

            See how Wireframing played a key role in our Mobile First Redesign for a Major Player in the Beauty Industry case study.

            Physicians Formula Website Refresh

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