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            Keeping it real.

            Site performance is a living, breathing activity. In the digital universe, nothing is static, and every element is in motion and evolving at lightning speed. For peak performance, website maintenance is a vital activity. Content updates, updating products, and ongoing changes based upon an analysis of site user behavior will keep it fresh, alive, and ready to do business.

            At SPINX, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter. Your business has unique needs, and our website maintenance services are custom-developed to suit. Our team works closely with each client to customize a website maintenance program that is cost-effective and makes sense across the board.

            website maintenance services

            We've got website maintenance down to a science

            We can advance your enterprise with our wealth of knowledge of online human behaviour, and ramp up performance while maintaining your website so it continues to function at a peak level.

            • Engagement Icon

              Be a monster of engagement

              Bring them back again and again by offering something new each time they land. Our website maintenance services focus on what matters – engagement. Be a monster.

            • Make it work Icon

              Make it work

              Updating and keeping a site fresh and relevant has everything to do with how your site ranks, and how much traffic lands and converts. A carefully-mapped strategy for ongoing updates keeps your site performing right.

            • User Behaviour Icon

              Track user behaviour: The science behind the strategy

              A thorough analysis of user behaviour allows our professional team at SPINX to make changes to ramp up the numbers of site conversions. We don’t sit back and wait for something to happen – we evaluate site user interactions to make the changes that make a difference.

            • Site Performance Icon

              Shape and control site performance

              Our website maintenance team will drill down to get to the critical facts about the performance of your site. We analyze how users interact, and take the actions that will make a difference. Our ongoing site maintenance program is geared to increase your online presence, and create higher levels of profitability.

            Some of our website maintenance projects

            Physicians Formula - Website maintenance Service


            • Website management
            • Product management
            • Press & awards updates
            • Website redesign
            • Monthly giveaways
            • Monthly makeup artist updates
            • UX strategy
            • Yearly contest landing pages
            • Tutorial video updates
            • Product rebate updates
            • Product finder updates
            Quinn Emanuel - Website maintenance Service

            QUINN EMANUEL

            • Website management
            • News & events assistance
            • Pro bono updates
            • New office additions
            • Recruiting schedule updates
            • Landing page creation
            • New practice area additions
            • Notable victories updates
            • Analytics reporting
            • Attorney management
            • Summer program updates

            Website Maintenance Services IN ACTION

            See how Website Maintenance Services played a key role in our How to Personify a “Global Force in Business Litigation” case study.

            Quinn Emanuel Website Design & Web Development Case Study
            wet n wild - website maintenance service

            Wet n Wild

            • E-commerce website management
            • Press updates
            • Marketing landing page development
            • Product management
            • Tutorial video updates
            • Product search enhancements
            • Homepage slider updates
            • Store location updates
            • Fulfillment reporting & enhancements
            • Promo & shipping code updates
            • FAQ updates
            Black radiance - website maintenance service

            BLACK RADIANCE

            • E-commerce website management
            • Press & award updates
            • Promo & shipping code updates
            • Product management
            • Tutorial video updates
            • Product search enhancements
            • Homepage slider updates
            • Store locator updates
            • Partnership & event updates

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