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          1. USER INTERVIEWS

            Get the right answers to ramp up conversions.

            Your target audience has specific likes, dislikes, expectations, habits, and behaviors. We don’t play a guessing game – we go deep with interviews to discover how your users feel about your specific enterprise, how you compare to the competition, and why. We don’t operate by making assumptions – we get real world facts. Once we have the data, we integrate it into our design and development process so your digital product can meet and beat your audience’s expectations.

            The interview process is a critical aspect of driving new business

            Have a site or app that isn’t performing? There’s a reason why – and we can help you find out.

            • It starts with attitudes

              General user attitudes about your site or app, positive and negative, are revealing. Want your online product to perform? The first step is to identify the general attitudes of users engaging with the product.

            • Reveal the personality of your users

              Speaking one-on-one with real world users gives us powerful insights into the personality and expectations of the individuals who will matter to your bottom line.

            • Becoming human

              Bring a new level of humanity and understanding to your business by listening to your customers, responding to their concerns, and solving their problems – while building goodwill.

            • Your users are real – get to know them

              You may be astonished with the data mined from user interviews. At SPINX Digital, we don’t make assumptions -- we get the facts first.

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            User Interviews IN ACTION

            See how User Interviews played a key role in our How to Personify a “Global Force in Business Litigation” case study.

            Quinn Emanuel Website Design & Web Development Case Study

            Finding an agency who understands your digital needs is hard.

            Let our amazing team help you craft your digital strategy today.