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          1. Umbraco

            A platform that provides exceptional support, a highly customizable
            and versatile development environment with a CMS that is easy to
            use for a large team.

            Umbraco is a powerful, highly customizable development platform which greatly reduced development time and allows for anyone to make site customizations, regardless of technological aptitude. Award-winning customer support and and out of the box functionality make Umbraco one of the premier choices for rapid enterprise development.

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            A breakdown of Umbraco features

            • Content Editing Icon

              User friendly content editing

              Umbraco offers simple and customizable site editing tools, allowing users of all levels of technical proficiency to make site edits quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the ability to customize your site from the ground up is not compromised.

            • Support Icon

              Exceptional support

              Umbraco boasts a dedicated support team in addition to a highly active support forum. Site administrators and developers will find that Umbraco offers exceptional support ticket turnaround time.

            • Multilingual Icon

              Easy multilingual integration

              Umbraco allows you to build your site in whichever language is the most comfortable for you and your developers. Additionally Umbraco comes with multilingual functionality right out of the box.

            • Box Icon

              Out of the box functionality

              The Umbraco community of developers are constantly publishing new prepackaged modules allowing you to quickly incorporate and test new site functionality without having to endure long development times.

            • Designer Friendly Icon

              Designer friendly

              Unlike many third party CMS’s on the market, Umbraco does not interfere with or constrain the design process in any way. Umbraco supports the integration of fully customized html and css files, in addition to allowing non-techies to make changes with user friendly text editors.

            • Rapid Development Icon

              Rapid development

              With so many out of the box features and design skins, Umbraco reduces the development cycle of enterprise level sites and applications by automating the mundane groundwork every site requires.

            • Code Maintenance Icon

              Easy code maintenance

              Umbraco allows for CSS and JavaScript files to be easily organized and maintained. Additionally, Umbraco integrates with most popular text editors, allowing your developers and site admins to work using an interface they are already comfortable with.

            • Optimized Performance Icon

              Optimized performance

              Umbraco features a built in content and cache for optimizing the delivery of CSS and JavaScript to your web visitors. This ensures quicker loading times and an overall more positive site experience.

            • Workflow Icon

              Workflow enabled

              Create multiple users and make your content creation, editing, and approval faster than ever. Publish in the media library for the team to use, schedule publishing, and create multiple versions, separate content and layout, and automate your workflow.

            • Search Tool Icon

              Customizable search tool

              Have a specific way your users need to find content on your site? Umbraco allows for searches to be highly customizable to make sure searches are always accurate. This provides a pleasant experience to users that frequent your site often.

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