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          1. SITEFINITY

            Progress® Sitefinity™ enterprise content management system
            and marketing platform

            With a robust enterprise-level digital marketing and web content management suite, Sitefinity is a powerhouse of a CMS. With a multitude of features worth bragging about, Sitefinity does a beautiful job marrying website content creation to customer experience optimization and tracking. Perfect for companies with complex web needs but are seeking a simple solution to manage everything, the bundle of features packed into this platform give you all the tools you need to build and manage a site that is focused on the customer.

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            A breakdown of Sitefinity features

            • Drag Drop Icon

              Inline drag-and-drop
              responsive design content

              Create and edit content directly on the page with the inline editor. Build, configure, and publish simple pages and forms faster without needing to know programming and make sure designs are always optimized for all screen sizes.

            • Multisite Management Icon

              Multi-site management

              Allow your team to manage multiple websites from one centralized interface. Save on hosting fees and easily reuse content, templates, themes, and settings across all sites.

            • Search Tool Icon

              SEO power tools

              With on-page SEO capabilities and automatic 301-redirects when URLs change, Sitefinity has a built-in tool to highlight missing meta titles and descriptions, and also follows best practices for SEO on mobile devices.

            • Digital Asset Management Icon

              Digital asset management bonuses

              Sitefinity makes it easier to manage, organize, and tag all of your site content. The platform boasts live document editing, a desktop image editor, a thumbnail generator, and more - all built to make your life easier.

            • Desktop Web Icon

              Desktop web publishing

              A great tool for content contributors who are not web-savvy. This desktop publishing tools allows users to contribute content without needing to login to (or even learn how to use) the backend.

            • Personalization Icon


              Target and engage with specific audiences using Sitefinity’s powerful segmentation and personalization tools. You can easily set up experiences, test and measure the results without touching the code.

            • Email Marketing Icon

              Email marketing

              Sitefinity comes with a robust email design tool built in, so you can easily build emails that match the look and feel of your website, send out A/B tests, schedule emails, and measure the results.

            • Social Media Integration Icon

              Social media integration

              Make it easy for customers to create accounts and login using their existing social media accounts. Include social bookmarking on site pages to make them easy to share, and automatically push new pages and posts to social media channels.

            • Google Analytics Icon

              Google Analytics dashboard

              Google Analytics is directly integrated into the backend with Sitefinity analytics, providing you with contextual analytics and granular reporting without having to leave the CMS.

            • Digital Commerce Icon

              Digital commerce

              Sitefinity has everything you need to set up your online store and make money, including personalized product offerings, multiple storefronts, targeted sales offers, payment processing, order management, and more.

            • Multilingual Icon


              Easily support multiple languages on your site to ensure that your target audience is able to engage, no matter where they live or what language they speak.

            • Security Icon


              Sitefinity supports all of the latest security standards, which means you can build out your site with confidence. Team-level security options are available to give you peace of mind with granular level controls.

            • Scalability Icon


              It doesn’t matter how many sites you have, how many languages you support, how many pages your site has, or how many products your store offers; Sitefinity handles growth like a pro without sacrificing performance or requiring additional licensing.

            • Customer Journey Icon

              Customer journey database

              Get access to valuable insight into how customers interact on your site by using Sitefinity’s suite of tools to track online behavior patterns, utilize persona profiling, and benefit from lead scoring.

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