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          1. SITECORE CMS

            Bringing businesses and consumers closer through digital experiences

            There is a lot about Sitecore to like. With a very robust base platform, Sitecore offers expandable modules and integrations that allow you to easily customize the areas further to make your enterprise content management system even more powerful.

            Sitecore’s main passion is to help you build stronger relations with your customers, and the platform capabilities reflect this. This is an ideal enterprise content management solution for brands looking to engage visitors deeper on their site, track that engagement, and use the data for smart marketing.

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            A breakdown of Sitecore CMS development features

            • Personalization Icon


              Use contextual intelligence to deliver content specific to unique visitors, visitor types, personas, visitor rules, workflows, a visitor’s device, or location. Show them the right content at the right time.

            • Customer Intelligence Icon

              Comprehensive customer intelligence

              Collect data from a customer’s experience to create customer profiles to get an exact idea of who your customers are, where they are, what they buy, what they click on, how much time they’re on your site, how often they visit, and more.

            • Omnichannel Aultomation Icon

              Omnichannel automation

              Ensure your visitors receive a continuous experience regardless of which channel they are using to engage with your company. Automate content and responses based upon interaction and device.

            • Email Expertise Icon

              Email experience manager

              Connect with users on a deeper levels by using customer data to send personalized emails based off of contextual, relevant actions on your site. Then measure customer interaction from within the platform.

            • Social Media Marketing Icon

              Leverage social media marketing

              Post content and run ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ from within your Sitecore interface. Track interactions and pull it into customer data, along with shared profile information from these social media site.

            • Connected Commerce Icon

              Connected commerce

              Set up your store on Sitecore to seamlessly integrate ecommerce with the rest of your site for a connected and continuous browsing to purchasing experience. Continue engagement based off of nurture, abandoned carts, and attraction.

            • Mobile App Development Icon

              Mobile app development

              If your company has a mobile app in addition to it’s website, you can leverage the Sitecore platform to quickly build native apps. Boasting “write once, deploy many”, you can continue to update your app without having to upload it to the app store for approval each time.

            • Print Icon

              Make sure your print collateral is always in sync

              Sitecore employs a Print Experience Manager to let you pull content from your website directly into Adobe® InDesign®. Bidirectional editing makes it easier to ensure brand consistency and that updates are auto-synced across channels.

            • Guarantee Consistent Experiences

              Guarantee consistent
              experiences, even on
              non-Sitecore sites

              If you have sites that are not built on the Sitecore platform, you can still ensure a consistent experience by using the Federated Experience Manager to record visitor data and share content.

            • Expandable Icon

              Easily expandable

              Sitecore offers connections with scores of other platforms to make your CMS even more customized, integrated and powerful. These include, but are not limited to CRMs, ecommerce extenders, social media tools, financial services, translation services, and more.

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