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          1. Site Architecture

            We build it -- from the ground up.

            Site architecture is the blueprint upon which your new site is built. It is a technological art, and at SPINX Digital, we are experts in determining the most effective foundation to increase user engagement. Our site architecture team works to create a site plan that reflects your specific target audience’s questions, interests, and where they look when planning to buy.

            You need the right amount of content, with each piece created to answer the needs of your specific target market. Site architecture planning is the underpinning of the success of a new site – and we don’t leave it up to chance. We develop every site by planning the architecture so it functions to meet and beat the expectations of the right users – your customers.

            Site Architecture Image Banner

            A strategy for success starts with site architecture

            Your new website needs to speak to the people who matter. This starts with a website architecture strategy.

            • Website Platforms Icon

              A website that performs

              To craft a website that performs, the first step is to define measurable goals. When our team has a full concept of what you hope to achieve with your new website, we can develop a navigation plan that functions to create a higher level of response from your market segment.

            • Audience Icon

              Know your audience

              To make a website appeal to the right customers, you have to think like a user. As information architects, our team categorizes, prioritizes, and develops architecture that is exceptionally useful for the people who matter to your bottom line. We put you on the direct track to success by thoroughly investigating where your users go, and what they are looking for. We help them find YOU.

            • Efficiency Icon

              Efficiency is key

              A clearly defined and drafted site structure makes it possible to save money and time, avoiding the need for extensive changes in the design and development phase. Our site architecture team at SPINX builds a foundation for success that stands the tests of time.

            • Real world Icon

              Bring a concept into the real world

              If you are planning a large site that requires investor funding, nothing makes it more real than presenting a fully developed plan for site architecture, based upon real world information. A visual prototype can be presented to investors – and nothing inspires more confidence in your vision.

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            Site Architecture Planning IN ACTION

            See how Site Architecture Planning played a key role in our How to Personify a “Global Force in Business Litigation” case study.

            Quinn Emanuel Website Design & Web Development Case Study

            Finding an agency who understands your digital needs is hard.

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