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          1. Cutting-Edge Redesign for a High Performance Filter Manufacturer

            S&B Filters Website Redesign


            For over 30 years, S&B Filters has maintained a prestigious reputation among the racing and off-roading community for their high-performance intakes, filters, and other performance enhancing parts. With manufacturing facilities located in the USA, they are able to guarantee the highest quality products at affordable pricing for their enthusiastic users.

            Despite their prominence within the industry, their website lacked design distinction and was falling behind from a functionality standpoint. S&B Filters approached us with a request to help them refresh the look of their website and build out additional functionality that would help them take their site to the next level. We were delighted to partner with them to revamp the UX strategy, craft beautiful visual designs, plan the development, implement everything, test thoroughly, and launch their new online presence.


            • +31.9%

              Avg. Time on Page
            • -11%

              Homepage Bounce Rate
            • +10.6%

              Mobile Usage

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