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          1. MARKET &

            What is the competition doing?

            Your competition is doing some things right – and you can learn from them. For your brand to stand out heads above the rest, it needs the edge. We investigate the competition and learn what they are doing that works, and how to make it work for you. A full analysis of your competition can reveal exactly how they engage your audience, and you can use that data to your advantage.

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            Ready to get the conversions?

            Let us get to work on market research and a competitive analysis as the first order of business. We research pricing, industry standards, and what the competition is doing to give you the edge you need to connect with your target market.

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              Market analysis brings results

              We want our online products to perform for our clients – and not just for a few months. Understanding the lifecycle of the product, the demand, and the competition will reveal the potential profitability, the strength of the market, and a strategy for success in the here and now and on into the future.

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              Winners and losers – what did they do?

              Our team will research both winners and losers in your industry. Why make any unnecessary blunders, when all the facts are there for the taking? We help you avoid the pitfalls by researching losers AND winners in your industry. Some dedicated research is all it takes.

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              Successful online strategies revealed

              Any competitor that is thriving has developed a successful strategy. We engage in a full analysis of their online presence to reveal the facts about what works for them – and incorporate this knowledge when developing your site, app, or online product.

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              Create a conversion machine

              It is all about customer acquisition – and in fact, nothing else matters. Our team will apply the data learned from others into our design and development process, and the marketing strategy. Our goal is your business success – and we go the distance in the research process.

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            Market & Competitive Analysis IN ACTION

            See how Market & Competitive Analysis played a key role in our Breathing Life into an Online Idealab for Parents case study.

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