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          1. Kentico

            Centralize your workflow with the use of the versatile Kentico CMS.

            You wouldn’t build a house without creating blueprints first, and websites are no different. Site architecture planning is all about making sure your site has a solid foundation of information to build upon. Not too much and not too little. With our site architecture team, we’ll make sure your site has just the right amount of content and is planned correctly before getting into the design phase of your project and getting site off the ground.

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            A breakdown of Kentico features

            • Responsive Design Icon

              User-friendly editing with
              responsive design

              The Kentico CMS is equipped to handle projects from big to small. It is capable of providing a myriad of features that can also be easily updated by the client. It is arguably one of the most intuitive content management systems out there. For those who need a little more guidance, Kentico allows for tools and tips to better show how to use its features to the fullest.

            • Security Lock Icon

              minimize security risks

              The administration section of Kentico gives users two sections. The first is for configuration and development, called “CMS Site Manager”. The “CMS Desk” will be the section where content can be edited. It can be set up so that “editors” or “developers” view only what they need to update when they login to their CMS Desk. This helps avoid confusion, and it also impacts the security of the site.

            • Content Staging Icon

              Organize all environments
              with “content staging”

              With most other CMS, we will need to set up a “dev” environment to QA content and make sure any updates made on live are up to our standards. With Kentico’s “content staging” this step is not necessary as we can migrate content between the “testing” environment and the “live” environment. This helps us save countless hours for clients with continuous updates.

            • Team Icon

              Work as a team

              Kentico has created a step-by-step content structure. In order for content to go live and be approved, content follows a step system and all steps must be completed before anything is approved. The system can have two users, an editor and a manager. The editor can send submit a page for approval to the site’s manager. The manager can now edit the content themselves or send it to the editor for further changes.

            • Online Marketing Icon

              Online marketing in one place

              Kentico’s digital marketing solutions provide the scope and capabilities of an enterprise level marketing platform integrated right into the CMS. Emails, testing, lead qualification and more allow complex marketing funnels to be easily consolidated and analyzed in one place, leading to better, more actionable data.

            • Customer Support Icon

              Industry leading customer support

              Kentico has a strong reputation for maintaining a reliable and well supported platform. Updates come in professionally written installation packages with clear documentation, allowing for quick deployment by site administrators. Site assistance is available in the form of forums, blogs, one on one phone support.

            • Scalable Development Icon

              Rapid, scalable development

              The powerful modular nature of Kentico development allows for enterprise level sites to be deployed in a fraction of the time the would take to develop otherwise. The robust customization options eliminate the design constraints usually inherent with any third party CMS.

            • Ecommerce Integration Icon

              Easy ecommerce integration

              Are you an online seller? Kentico makes this easy for our clients and their team. Kentico does not restrict how to display products, type of design or navigation. We can integrate this with other systems, including ERPs, CRMs, payment gateways, and any shipping provider.

            • Intranet Icon

              Intranet capabilities

              Kentico allows our clients to collaborate with their team in the most easy and convenient way possible. It’s easy to simplify collaboration among team members. There is no need for confusion on making edits, Kentico allows for documents to be updated centrally.

            • Community Builder Icon

              Online community builder

              Want to engage with your customers on a more personal level? Connect with them using Kentico’s forums, blogs, and groups where you can convert customers into regular users.

            • Multilingual Language Icon

              Multilingual support and
              translation management

              If you have international users and need to cater to multiple languages, much like “content staging”, Kentico enables users to facilitate the flow of projects from content writers to translator and approvers. It integrates Google Translate or Microsoft Translator. Additionally, it’s possible to add any out of the box-connectors if professional translation services are called for.

            • Multi Site management Icon

              Multi-site management

              For those needing to manage multiple sites, this can be done using one single interface with Kentico. Content, code, and credentials can be shared easily amongst team members.

            • A/B Testing Icon

              A/B and multivariate testing

              Test what works best! Kentico has an integrated robust A/B testing module to collect data on your site. Our clients have full control of their tests where they can optimize using the Kentico CMS without the use of any developers.

            • Email marketing Icon

              In-platform email marketing

              Eliminate the use of yet another third party application. With the Kentico CMS you can manage all your email marketing campaigns and track their success. Use the Kentico features to make sure your emails are being delivered to everyone that signed up.

            • Campaign Management Icon

              campaign management

              Track the success of digital marketing campaigns all in one place. Beyond email tracking, Kentico offers landing page management, track UTM links, and reports with details on the best conversion rates.

            • Marketing Automation Icon

              Engagement marketing

              Engage with your customers in the right with by making your digital marketing strategies smarter. Using the CMS, you can create effective campaigns that deliver content that gets users excited, keep a steady traffic, get insights into your customers likes and needs, and ensure the longevity of engagement.

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