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          1. Crafting a Site to Show Architectural & Engineering Excellence

            JRMA Website Redesign


            JRMA is a world-class architectural and structural engineering firm who has designed or built over 3,600 industrial, commercial and institutional building projects across the world. Their elegant and sophisticated architectural designs span a variety of industries, including: aviation, solid waste, organics processing, industrial, commercial, and food processing, but their website wasn't fully portraying their abilities in these areas.

            AWARDS WON

            • Gold Winner Horizon Awards 2016Horizon Interactive Awards2016 Gold in Corporate & B2B
            • 23rd Annual Communicator AwardsCommunicator AwardsThe 23rd Annual Communicator
              Award of Distinction for Websites

            JRMA desperately needed an up-to-date portfolio
            website for lead generation that mimicked all of the
            elegance and class of their architectural designs.

            JRMA Discovery Image
            JRMA UX Startegy Image
            • JRMA Website Redesign UX Strategy Image 1
            • JRMA Website Redesign UX Strategy Image 2
            • JRMA Website Redesign UX Strategy Image 3
            JRMA Webdesign Test & Launch Image

            JRMA now has a world-class site they
            can proudly display next to their list of
            architectural accomplishments.

            Visual storytelling is a proven way to capture the attention of your target audience online, and JRMA’s new site uses it to their advantage with their beautifully redesigned website. With a website that is now an accurate reflection of their world-class work, JRMA looks like the design-focused architectural and engineering firm that they are.

            Finding an agency who understands your digital needs is hard.

            Let our amazing team help you craft your digital strategy today.