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          1. Creating a Better California with The California Endowment

            Rebranding The California Endowment

            The California Endowment is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 known for it’s munificent grants and public relief. Since inception the organization has awarded more than 22,000 grants totaling over $2.9 billion to community-based organizations throughout California. Charted officially by the state of California, with over three billion dollars in assets, The California Endowment is the largest private health foundation in the state.

            Before the redesign, visitors found that the website was difficult to navigate, messy and overwhelming. Users and internal stakeholders often struggled when trying to find specific literature and reports. Furthermore, the site had a lot of outdated content, resulting in broken links and bad SEO. Our experts were able to reorganize and simplify while also improving search engine optimization. 

            After making a better tomorrow for thousands of Californians for more than 20 years, it was time they had some help themselves.

            After holding extensive keyholder surveys and meetings, we collaboratively worked together through bi - weekly meetings with keyholders and held focus groups to thoroughly comprehend the current and future endeavors of The California Endowment. 

            Our team determined the main issue users and internal stakeholders often struggled with was locating articles/blogs, conference centers, or any other learnings and reports due to the excess amount of unnecessary information on the site. Generally, it is common for non-profit websites to have a lot of content. This is to help educate users about different policies, reports, analysis and funding alongside other activities they perform.

            Like many other non-profit organizations, The California Endowment’s website suffered from a plethora of outdated and unorganized information that made.

            Our research team analyzed all inputs and data and compared it with the old site to accordingly design a new and efficient site map sure to simplify the information visitors need to know about their foundation. 

            The biggest problem on their old site was that it was difficult to use and overwhelming to users, especially their homepage. The main goal with this redesign was to clearly articulate and represent the foundation’s main goals and objectives.

            We knew that if we wanted to reposition The California Endowment’s online presence we would need a solid UX strategy focusing on heavy content planning. We implemented efficient content grouping and redirected pages for a continuous user engagement. The redistribution of content structured the site in a way that made it easy for visitors to comprehend what the organization does and allows visitors the opportunity to be able to effortlessly navigate through the resources possibly available to them. 

            After thoroughly mapping and designing the perfect website for the client, we tested it on multiple mobile and desktop devices, tablets, and in various browsers to ensure a universally seamless experience. 

            Throughout the redesign, we followed an Agile/Scrum process, in which we worked with keyholders to incorporate feedback into the project while marking the elements and pages ready for launch as we progressed in the project. This process allowed our team to test and get efficient client feedback at an early stage without any last minute mishaps.

            After detailed key holder interviews and doing extensive content analysis and redesign, The California Endowment now has a modern and polished new website that possesses a clear mission statement and easily traceable content.

            With a clean and comprehensible design and working SEO’s, their new website processes a greater reach making them even more of an asset to the community than ever before.

            It was evident that The California Endowment had a lot to show for the work that they do. It’s time to present it in a way comprehensible to everyone.

            Finding an agency who understands your digital needs is hard.

            Let our amazing team help you craft your digital strategy today.