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          1. Lighting Up an Internet Presence for BEGA

            BEGA Website Redesign


            BEGA is a third generation family - held company that holds a top spot in fine architectural lighting solutions. Founded in 1949, BEGA has grown globally over the years while converting a number of European designs to modern day U.S. standards. They abide by an “innovate, not follow.” approach to design and remain quality conscious. BEGA is now a multi-million dollar corporation and continues to grow as they change the architectural world one illumination at a time.


            • +672%

            • +120%

              Pages per session
            • +168%

              Avg. session duration
            • -42%

              Bounce rate
            • +10,098%

              Organic search traffic

            AWARDS WON

            • Awwwards.com2020 Honorable Mention
            • W3 Awards2020 Gold Award Winner
            • Web Marketing
              2020 Outstanding Website
            • Davey Awards2020 Gold Award Winner

            BEGA's website lacked the innovation of their products,
            was outdated and confusing to navigate.

            Bega Webdesign Discovery
            • BEGA Website Redesign UX Strategy Image 0
            • BEGA Website Redesign UX Strategy Image 1
            • BEGA Website Redesign UX Strategy Image 2

            After thorough evaluation and testing, BEGA's remodeled
            website is up-to-date and presents a new and straight forward website
            that creates new excitement for their company.


            After thoroughly assessing, communicating, building and testing, we were proud to deliver a custom fresh and easy-to-navigate website for BEGA. The new simple, flat and brutalist designs were paired with a robust internal platform that allows admins to easily make updates and visitors to navigate quickly throughout the site, allowing BEGA to offer an enhanced online experience to their visitors. BEGA now displays an equally powerful online presence that compliments their pioneering architectural lighting designs.

            Finding an agency who understands your digital needs is hard.

            Let our amazing team help you craft your digital strategy today.